Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993
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Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993

Old Aquapart Store >  Manuals & Books  >  Workshop Manuals  >  Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993

Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993

Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993

Ref: MD 179085

This new Clymer repair manual is for the Volvo Stern Drives spanning 1968-1993. See below for the complete list of all 30+ models covered. Clymer marine repair manuals are considered to be the only marine repair manuals worth owning. They are used by some of the most prestigious professionals to your average everyday boat owner. Along with superior design Clymer marine repair manuals always provide the most up-to-date information available for your vehicle.

This manual is 488 pages in length and the expert text gives you complete information regarding maintenance, tune-up, repair and overhaul.

Like all Clymer marine engine repair manuals, this book also contains:

Step-by-step instructions

Detailed and exploded views and photos

Bold figure numbers to quickly match instructions with illustrations and photos

Easy-to-follow wiring diagrams

Thumb-tabbed chapters for quick access

Two-column layout with large print

Numbered table of contents and extensive index

Clymer manuals provide step-by-step procedures based on the complete disassembly of the machine. This hands-on experience combined with extensive research results in a manual that is both detailed and user friendly. Accurate, clear and concise text, combined with detailed illustrations and photography, make it possible for the novice boat enthusiast to safely and enjoyably service their vehicle. At the same time, the in-depth coverage provides indispensable information for those tackling more complicated procedures.

Covers the folowing Volvo Stern Drives: AQ105A, AQ115A/B, AQ120B Duoprop, AQ125A, AQ140A, AQ125B, AQ145A/B, AQ130C/D, AQ131A/B/C/D, 230, AQ151A/B/C, 250, AQ165A, AQ170A/B/C, AQ171A/C, 251, AQ175A, AQ205, 430/431, 432/434, AQ190A, AQ240A, AQ200A/B, AQ200C/D/F, AQ225A/B, AQ225C/D/F, AQ211A, AQ231A, 500/501, AQ255A/B, AQ260A, AQ280A, AQ290A, AQ271A/C, AQ311A/B, 570/571/572, 740, Model 200, Model 250, Model 275, Model 280, Model 290 and Model SP.

Old Aquapart Store >  Manuals & Books  >  Workshop Manuals  >  Volvo Penta Clymer Manual 1968 - 1993