How do I place a free ad

1,  Hit the "registration" button on the top right of the page, and register yourself on the site

2,  Check your emails, for confirmation of your registration, (also check your Junk mail just in case as you may need to confirm)

3,  Log in to the site and click "place free ad"

4,  Select the category you would like your ad to appear in, (some featured ads will give you the option to cross categorize later)

5, select the listing plan you would like to use (featured plans include more images and are posted at the top of the listings above standard ads, you can upgrade to featured later if you choose) (8 free ads are allowed per year)

6,  Fill in the listing fields,  read a how to guide here, Try not to repeat the title in the subsequent fields, as this will not help the search engines find your ad.

7.  Upload your images, try to resize your images if possible before uploading to save time, however our software will resize most images on upload.

8,  Thats IT!!!, you should shortly receive an email saying your ad is live, you can track all your ads or upgrade from your admin panel whenever you are logged in to the site.
Nov 30, 2013
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