How to create a good listing which will help your item achieve the best price-

1) Photos,Photos,Photos, a picture paints a thousand words (as they say) so the more the merrier, also the quality of images should be good. Blurred or out of focus shots just look like you are trying to cover something up.
Detailed shots are very important especially under engine covers and upholstery on boats etc

2) A detailed description with as much as you can fit in, also try to "tell a story" if possible, especially if you have owned the item for some time.

3) Use a "featured" slot if you can afford it, these will help keep your ads at the top of the listings, but also the viewer sees that you are prepared to spend extra on the listing, so must hold it in "high value", therefore they will also put a higher value on it.

How to word a good ad
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