Scam Alert

Notice to All users of this website.

Please be aware of unscrupulous persons who may be buyers and / or sellers.

Please ensure that you are satisfied that goods offered for sale actually exist and are the property of the seller before you make any form of payment. (vessels and larger items should come with correct bill of sale), buyers should carry out all due diligence before purchase.
Likewise sellers should be aware of unscrupulous buyers and not release goods until they have recieved payment in full.

The owners of this website cannot guarantee the ownership status of any goods offered for sale by third parties on this website, and offer no guarantees or warranties as to the ownership of such goods, therefore it is the responsibility of any purchaser to ascertain the true ownership of the goods offered for sale before offering any form of payment.
Neither will the owners of this website be held liable for any goods advertised on here which have been purchased and yet failed to materialise either through fraudulent means or loss in transit.

The owners of this website cannot guarantee the status of any potential purchaser of goods listed on here, therefore it is the sellers responsibility to ascertain authenticity of any offer made for goods advertised.
The owners of this website will not be held liable for any loss due to fraudulent offers made on goods listed here.
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